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As the world's leading certifying body for Enterprise Risk Management, we partner with organisations partner with us to boost the risk-intelligence of employees and enhance compliance with risk regulations by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and other bodies.
As the world's leading certifying body for Enterprise Risk Management, we partner with organisations partner with us to boost the risk-intelligence of employees and enhance compliance with risk regulations by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and other bodies.

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In addition to our Level 1 to 5 qualifications and examinations, we also deliver industry training programs for business, risk, assurance and audit teams of companies across the globe.

When the need for risk management has been spurred by the economic crisis of 2008, the fallout from high-profile cyber-attacks, public service failures, continuously degrading environment and increasing complexities from uncertain events continue to cause substantial financial and reputational damage to organisations across industries. Organisations with the most mature business models too, are exposed to external events that have the potential to significantly enhance the risk of business continuity. While in most organizations, risk management attempts to avoid the impact of risks through compliance based audits and establishment of robust internal controls, there is great value derived from establishing a strong risk culture that promotes risk-based decision making through an effective enterprise-wide risk management process.

What do the programs cover?

IRM’s globally certified industry training programs take a comprehensive and strategic view of risk management across the enterprise. Our programs are tailored to your organization's learning objectives with focus on specific risks impacting your industry, frameworks and tools for senior leadership to strengthen your company's approach to managing both internal and external risks and global best practices through case studies and recommendations by IRM. Your employees will be empowered with the acumen needed to develop and implement risk strategies by better identification and mitigation of risks in their respective roles and functions.

Who are the trainers?

Our international trainers come with wide industry global experience across all sectors and drive high quality, simulation based and case study driven discussions with your employees. Our customised programs qualify for an international certification and an exemption from the Level 1 examination.

Top industries in India and the risks & challenges they face:

  • Automobile
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Railways
  • Banking
  • FMCG
  • Real Estate
  • Textile
  • Telecommunication



  • Adapting to government's increasing focus on fuel-efficient alternatives

  • Unable to catch-up with advanced technology

  • Awaiting better infrastructure

  • Competition from Chinese markets



  • Rising risk of contagion

  • Aftermath of high NPAs

  • Deteriorating capital adequacy ratio

  • Over-dependence of financial institutions for funding



  • Negative impact of recent labour migrations

  • Planning and time oriented risks

  • Complex and archaic legal framework

  • Faulty implementation models



  • Lack of innovation

  • Unmonitored supply chains

  • Reluctance of banks to lend

  • Bias towards capital-intensive manufacturing



  • Yet to catch-up with world technology

  • Unchanged travel fares for ages

  • Saturation of trunk routes and low quality of services, resulting in slowdown in revenue growth

  • Increased lease charges



  • High credit risks

  • Disruption in global trade and volatile capital flows

  • Geopolitical tensions and domestic policy uncertainty

  • Commodity price volatility

  • High transaction costs of carrying non-performing assets



  • COVID-19 related risks

  • Complex distribution network

  • Strong price competition

  • Constant innovation in supply chain

Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Increase in the cost of institutional funding

  • Bad loans

  • Global trade wars and currency volatility

  • Competition from Asian and global buyers

  • Lack of investable properties and low yields



  • Archaic labour laws

  • Declining export growth performance

  • Increased factor costs

  • Limited duty-free access to all the major textile markets of the US and the EU



  • Ineffective digital growth and diversification strategy

  • Failure to prioritise workforce planning and design

  • Gradual withdrawal of discounts by industry leaders

  • Risk of duopoly in the telecom sector

  • Short-lived pricing discipline due to aggressive pricing approach

  • Failure to convince the customer that their data and experiences are safe and secure

What are some of the topics we can choose from?

The topics of the customised programs are finalised in consultation with your business / HR teams to ensure effectiveness and applicability of risk management in your own sector. Some of the programs we have delivered previously include:


In-house training

Our training courses are constantly developing to provide risk professionals, business managers and leaders with the knowledge to stay ahead in this fast-moving world. From the fundamentals of risk management to understanding risk culture and tackling cyber risk, IRM’s training has it covered. From in-house and board-level training to eLearning and company academies, we help organisations support a robust risk culture and develop a workforce equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage today’s risks.

The benefits of in-house training:

In-house training options:

Who should attend the training program at your company?

Chief risk officers and other leaders in risk management roles

Crisis management leaders

Chief financial officers

Board members

CEOs, COOs, and heads of department

Senior leaders responsible for executing and controlling strategy

Investor relations executives

Functional executives/managers

Audit, Risk and Compliance Executives

New joinees who need to understand the risk culture

With training courses covering a wide range of enterprise risk management topics, we can help build risk-intelligence in your employees across functions including risk, audit, assurance, compliance, technology, people, procurement, supply chain, legal, investment, finance, accounts, marketing and more. All courses are delivered by industry experts so you can immediately apply the global best practices and enhance the risk culture of your organisation thereby enhancing the quality of your risk registers and building resilient business models. All our courses qualify for an international certification along with a test that can be beneficial for assessing your employees.

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