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Exam Coach Application for IRM's Level 1 Examination
About the Level 1 About ERM Certification Track
IRM offers free virtual study support sessions through a practical simulation-based training methodology in enterprise risk management that help students and professionals prepare for the Level 1 Examination.

The curriculum of the Level 1 Examination covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management using the theory and practice of risk management in line with international standards and industry best practices including the COSO and ISO Guidelines.

If you are an expert in enterprise risk management with at least 2 years’ experience in training or consulting, you may apply to become an IRM approved exam coach on a guest faculty basis. Our exam coaches come with wide industry knowledge and prepare students and professionals for the examination through a unique learning experience using case studies and practical exercises.
Time commitment for
one group of study sessions
8 hours over one weekend


Virtual only


Depending on your availability

Professional fees

At par with international
Note: We receive a number of applications on a daily basis and responding to each application may be difficult. You are kindly requested to give our academic team 15-20 working days to respond. Please note that submission of your application does not guarantee any approval as each application is subject to a detailed assessment as per our global policy and guidelines.
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