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Career Pathway
Here's the certification track that provides an overview of the IRM’s Global ERM Exams.
Becoming a certified ERM professional is a pathbreaking achievement for many risk professionals and exemplifies a strong understanding of risk identification, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies for a range of complex risk events across sectors. Here's everything you need to know to prepare for the IRM Exams.
Pathway to Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional and IRM Fellow
Earn the IRM designations and join a global community of risk-intelligent leaders

The Institute of Risk Management (headquartered in the UK), established in 1986, is the world's leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualifications, training, and examinations. IRM has been driving excellence for over 35 years across 143 countries. With IRM India Affiliate, students and professionals across India can register for the ERM exams and pursue the 5-level pathway to Certified Fellowship with designations at each stage after Level 2 and join a global community of risk-intelligent leaders.

Becoming an IRM certified risk intelligent leader is a pathbreaking achievement for professionals, entrepreneurs and family business owners. It signifies the expertise and proficiency of their risk identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation knowledge and complex problem solving, analytical thinking, stakeholder management and negotiation skills — all of which is needed to manage enterprise-wide risks across sectors and economies, including cybersecurity, supply chain, climate change, reputation, financial investments, projects and more.

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Level 1
Choice between
1. Student Exam
2. Professional Exam

Level 2
Choice between
1. General ERM
2. Financial Services ERM

Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Description Fundamentals International Certificate International Diploma Certified Member Certified Fellow
Designation None IRMCert GradIRM CMIRM CFIRM
& Study Hours
2 months
(60 hours)
6 - 9
(400 hours)
12 - 18
(800 hours)
Format &
Feb / May / Aug / Nov, online, MCQ application
June & November,
Combination of MCQ examination (360 exam centers in India, computer based exam) and Assignment Based Essay Questions
Case study
No examination,
application based
No examination,
application based
Eligibility 12th grade for the student exam
No minimum eligibility for the working professionals exam
Level 1 Graduation
plus Level 2
Level 3 plus
3 years
Level 4
(including GST)
INR 29,500 INR 1,75,000 INR 3,60,500 Membership Fee
payable to IRM
Membership Fee
payable to IRM
Eligibility & Fees
Candidates with 2 years' experience in ERM are advised to go for the Level 2 examination. Not applicable Professionals with 8 years’ risk experience can directly go for Level 4 (GBP 1,450 for the case study based application which shall be subject to review by IRM Global) Not applicable Not applicable
Inclusions Free study support delivered virtually by IRM experts for 8 hours, core textbook, revision question booklet, recorded international webinars, alumni group access, an international certificate upon clearing the examination Live webinars by IRM experts, core ERM textbook, virtual learning management system access with study resources, discussion forum, module coaches Webinars, virtual learning management system access with study resources, discussion forum, module coaches Not applicable Not applicable
As an IRM qualified risk-intelligent professional, you can work across sectors in any function. IRM Qualified professionals have been working across the globe for:
  • Big 4 consulting firms
  • Risk based assurance in consulting and auditing firms
  • Strategic risk management at consulting firms
  • Credit rating agencies in risk management teams
  • Family businesses / startups to boost risk-readiness
  • PE Funds / VCs to manage risks in investee companies
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Rating agencies as company risk analysts
  • Banks/NBFCs/FI as credit or risk professionals
  • Equity markets as risk research experts
  • Risk consulting and advisory services
  • Industry risk management teams in any sector
  • Due diligence in investment banking