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The GOER - Game of Enterprise Risk® is a proprietary workshop-led business game competition founded in 2017 by Hersh Shah, CEO, IRM India Affiliate who is also India's Youngest Enterprise Risk Expert and Creator of the What's the Risk™ series broadcasted in collaboration with CNBCTV18. The GOER was subsequently introduced under the IRM India Affiliate in 2019 to foster a practical understanding of ERM among professionals and students. Renowned as a leading-edge, marquee annual challenge in ERM, the coveted national-level competition aligns with IRM's goal of embedding risk awareness across sectors and disciplines, reinforcing that risk is everyone's responsibility.

With over 630 industry-wide case studies, 9,000 risk scenarios and counting, the GOER is a dynamic platform for international school students (11th-12th grades), university students (UG and PG), and corporate employees to experience real-time risk-based decision making in a controlled, competitive environment. By simulating a wide array of scenarios that cover the entire risk universe, GOER bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making it relevant for students and professionals aspiring to lead in any role, industry, or organisation size with risk-intelligence. The GOER also serves as a high-quality, case-study-driven risk brainstorming workshop for companies to enhance their risk culture and maturity, thereby aligning more consistently with international standards and ERM regulations.


Neeraj Basur, CMIRM


Trent Limited


Chirag Sheth, CMIRM


HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd


Deepak Viegas

Global Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management



Vishal Bhavsar

Head - ESG

Multiples Alternate Asset Management Private Limited


Sachin Mutha


Risk Management (Reliance Telecom, Digital Cable, and Media Segments), Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd


Dr. Leena V

Chief Risk Officer



Saket Kumar

Assistant General Manager - Risk Monitoring Department

Reserve Bank of India


Mohit Bhatia




Satish Katkade, IRMCert

Chief Risk Officer

IDBI capital

Round One Jury


Jai Thakur

Senior Consultant - Renewable Energy Division


Round One Jury


Ankit Jain



Round One Jury


Nishtha Khurana, CFIRM

Round Two Facilitator

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How it works?

Submit an application to enter the national competition in one of the following categories: School, College (UG), College (PG), or Company.

Review of application by the committee
Formation of teams within your institution

Round One held at your institution to identify the best team

Round Two conducted with a What's The Risk™ webinar and RMAT®
Finale Round Three, hosted in June/July each year, to crown the titans with scholarships and exciting cash prizes

We train the next generation of students and professionals to lead with risk-intelligence by providing them with the opportunity to make critical decisions under pressure. Tasked with protecting a simulated company from a series of hypothetical yet realistic uncertainties and external shocks, teams employ complex problem-solving, analytical reasoning, creative thinking, negotiation, and relationship management skills to mitigate the impact and likelihood of risk scenarios to successfully win the competition. Companies / corporate organisations have the opportunity to run the GOER - Game of Enterprise Risk® as a risk brainstorming workshop for their employees by partnering with IRM India Affiliate at corporatetraining@theirmindia.org or +91-7208853274. Academic institutions and all other participants must follow the standard application process only.

Supporters 2024 - 2nd Edition
Entries for the 3rd Edition (2024-25) opening on 30th July 2024

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