Level 2  |  Designation : IRMCert

syllabus revised

(International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management / International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management)

With the Level 2 Qualification, you will learn to adopt a systematic and consistent approach towards the practical implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM). With advanced understanding of global interconnected events, uncontrollable risks and strategic threats, you will gain immense knowledge on mitigation strategies to achieve business objectives and seize new opportunities. Every crisis has reminded organisations of the importance of qualified risk professionals whose perceptions of risk and behaviours have significantly transformed the organisation's risk culture and helped manage risks within its appetite.

The Level 2 executive program in risk management offers two electives for candidates to choose from : (A) International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management (OFQUAL Level 5); OR (B) International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management (OFQUAL Level 5 - Syllabus Revised). Each elective comprises two Modules (Module 1 and Module 2). Both the electives, i.e (A) The International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management & (B) The International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management, are assessed through a combination of an MCQ examination and Assignment Based Essay Questions.

  • Level 2

  • Duration :  6-9 months
  • No. Of Modules :  2 (Module 1 and 2)
  • Hours per Module :  180 - 200
  • Live Webinars :  6 hours

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  • Level 2

  • Duration  :6-9 Months
  • No. Of Modules  : 2 (Module 1 and 2)
  • Hours per Module  : 180 - 200 hrs
  • Live Webinars  : 6 hrs
Level 2  

Enterprise risk professionals are the human operational engine supporting the ERM process and it is vital that they have the knowledge, skills and tools required to build resilience, prepare for responses instead of reactions and deliver effective risk communication that influences decision-makers to enable their organisation to be successful risk-takers.

As a Level 2 IRM candidate, you will join a global community of risk professionals who are a step closer towards becoming Certified IRM Fellows (Level 5). Choose from the two elective options and start your journey towards becoming a business leader or chief risk officer:

  • The Level 2 Qualification in Enterprise Risk Management creates the core foundation in the theory and practice of effective risk management. It reviews the impact of risk on the current global business environment, examines issues that are relevant to specific sectors and geographical areas and the needs and demands of stakeholder groups and regulatory authorities. As the awareness of risk management grows, employers, clients and regulators are progressively valuing studies such as the Level 2 Qualification.
  • The Level 2 Qualification in Financial Services Risk Management analyses the vital elements of the risk management process in a financial service context with practical implementation of the same. In response to international regulatory developments such as Basel III and Solvency II, the qualification has been upgraded so that financial services companies and their staff have an inclusive understanding of risk management.

The Qualification provides an advanced foundation in the theory and practice of effective risk management with:

  • Application of the principles, concepts and practice of risk management
  • Understanding the multi-disciplinary nature of risk management within any organisation
  • Familiarising with contemporary risk management thinking, standards and regulations across the world
  • The ability to take risk-based decisions across any sector in today’s uncertain world
  • Internationally recognised designation “IRMCert” across 143 countries
  • An entry route to the IRM Level 3 Qualification (designation "GradIRM") which is at par with a Masters or Post-Graduate Degree

Entry Criteria

Candidates enroling for the Level 2 Qualification can be:

  • Students or professionals who have successfully completed IRM's Level 1 Examination OR
  • Working professionals with at least 2-3 years of experience in risk management

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