Pursue a professional career in ERM with the world's leading professional body.
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• Certification from IRM, headquartered in UK
• Professional exams from Level 1 to 3
• Certified Membership and Fellowship at Level 4 and 5
• Earn designations at each stage from Level 2 to 5
• Globally recognised in 140+ countries
• Easy EMI options are available
• Learn how to manage supply chain risks, people risks, cybersecurity risks, marketing risks, reputation risks, financial risks and all categories of risks
With IRM's qualifications, you earn professional designations and can
• Work in the Big4 in the risk consulting department
• Work in a financial services company in the risk management department
• Work in the industry as part of the risk management team
• Work in the due diligence or risk research teams of companies
• Start your risk consultancy
• Establish your own risk-tech startup
• Become a Chief Risk Officer
• Become a risk-intelligent business leader
Become a Certified Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Professional with the Institute of Risk Management (HQ: UK)
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