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Good Risk Management Advertisements Worth Seeing

Risk management may not be the most positive topic in the world, but it’s crucial for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors. Advertising agencies tasked with promoting risk management solutions often face the challenge of making this seemingly dull subject captivating. Yet, there are those who have successfully transformed the perception of risk management through ingenious, engaging, and thought-provoking ads. Let’s explore the best risk management advertisements found on YouTube.

  1. Zurich Insurance’s “We’ll Keep Your World Turning” – https://youtu.be/1vEdFbVaW-0

This powerful advertisement from Zurich Insurance uses simple yet impactful storytelling to portray risk management. The campaign spotlights the real-life challenges businesses face, and how Zurich’s comprehensive risk management solutions can ensure continuity. Its ability to convey a complex topic in a relatable way earns this ad a place on our list.

  1. AIG’s “Risk Is Everywhere” – https://youtu.be/pPMdwbIuJlg

AIG makes an intriguing argument about the ubiquity of risk in this advertisement. With a series of dramatic visuals and concise narration, AIG effectively communicates that risks are ever-present, even in places you might not expect. This ad underscores the importance of being prepared, showcasing AIG’s capability to manage a broad array of risks.

  1. Lloyd’s of London’s “The Future is Risky” – https://youtu.be/pA15y5P8E70

Lloyd’s of London ad focuses on the increasing uncertainties of the future. It highlights various risks, from technological advancements to environmental changes, and emphasizes Lloyd’s century-old experience and innovative solutions in managing them. The ad is a brilliant mix of captivating visuals and concise messaging that truly sets it apart.

  1. FM Global’s “Resilience Is A Choice” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdWfOtdECjY

FM Global’s advertisement underscores the concept of resilience in risk management. The ad drives home the message that businesses have a choice: they can either react to adverse events or proactively prevent them. The advertisement brilliantly connects with its audience, stressing that choosing resilience—choosing FM Global—is the best way to deal with risks.

  1. Marsh & McLennan’s “The Marsh Advantage” – https://youtu.be/3uCJyoTcv6E

Marsh & McLennan, one of the world’s leading risk management firms, presents a case for their comprehensive and tailored services in this advertisement. Through a variety of industry-specific scenarios, it showcases how Marsh provides unique advantages to its clients, ensuring the ad’s message hits home.

  1. Travelers’ “The Journey to Become a Smart Risk-Taker” – https://youtu.be/D6UGfYmk9TI

In this ad, Travelers brilliantly personifies risk management, portraying it as a journey. The ad beautifully communicates that risk-taking is not about being reckless but about being smart and well-prepared—two attributes Travelers can equip you with.

While risk management might be a complex subject, these advertisements showcase that with creative storytelling and impactful messaging, it’s possible to create engaging content that not only educates but also appeals to the emotions of its target audience.


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